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Kansas Unlimited Kayak Rental Membership

Lake Lenexa
Lake Olathe

Rent kayaks at Lake Lenexa and Lake Olathe. Explore both lakes within a 10 mile drive. Plus get full access to all 45+ locations nation-wide!


50 Locations Nation-wide

Join our growing network of Kayak and SUP rental locations across the US. 6 more locations pending activation by the end of August!

Self-Service Lockers

Rent on your own terms. Simply unlock our self-service lockers at your nearest park and start Kayaking! 


Kayak with Friends & Family

Unlock up to 4 lockers  at a time (Kayaks or SUPs) with only one membership! 

Unlimited 2 hour rentals all season.

(Subject to operating hours of your local park)

Lenexa 1.jpg

Lake Lenexa

Olathe 2_edited.jpg


Find Other Local Rent.Fun Locations

(or find locations for your next road trip!)


Recreation, Reimagined

Conveiently unlock your locker from your smartphone with the App


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join the fun?
    Purchase a membership here. Once purchased, download the app and set up your account. Your unlimited membership will be activated within 24 hours.
  • Can I use my membership at all locations?
    Yes! We are excited to bring you an unlimited membership option available for use at any of our locations across the country.
  • Do I need to bring my own Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board?
    No! You just need to show up at any of our locations, unlock the lockers, and explore the waters. Kayak, paddles, and PFDs provided. No need to bring a bulky Kayak or SUP in the car with you to your park.
  • How long can I rent my Kayak or SUP?
    The Unlimited Pass provides free 2 hour rentals at each location for each unlock. After the two hours, the Kayak/SUP along with the equipment must be returned to avoid additional fees. If you would like to keep your Kayak or SUP out longer, you will be charged an addition hourly fee after the initial 2 hour window.
  • How often can I rent a Kayak or SUP?
    You can rent up to 2 times, per day. The pass provides free 2 hour rentals at each location for each unlock.
  • How many Kayaks or SUPs can I rent at a time?
    You can unlock up to 2 lockers at a time with only one membership! Note, the rental window is 2 hours per unlock before additional fees are charged.
  • Can I check if there is Kayak or SUP available at my local rental area?
    Yes. Once you download the Rent.Fun app, and set up an account, you can check the live status and availability of Kayaks at each of our rental locations.
  • Where can I download the App?
    You can download on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • How many Kayaks or SUPs are there at each location?
    The number of Kayaks and SUPs are different at each location. The App will have the most up-to-date information on number of available rentals, and availability. We are growing quickly, so keep an eye out for more locations. You can also follow our facebook page for updates!
  • Can I reserve a Kayak or SUP in advance?
    Unfortunately, at this time, our self-service lockers are first come, first served. However, you can check the live availability and number of Kayaks at each location live on our app.
  • Renewal
    Your Unlimited annual membership will automatically renew annually. Renewal fees will be charge against your credit card on file in the Rent.Fun app. If you wish to cancel your membership before the renewal date you can do so in the Rent.Fun
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